Easy Lodge Apartment Canada FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

http://www.easylodge.net/faq http://www.easylodge.net/ Address: 6390 Cassie Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5H2W5, Canada

Q1. What are the advantages of staying with Vancouver Easy Lodge Apartment rather than a hotel?

A1. Much Clean: We are all hard wood floor, this is very important matter that the hotel room can keep clean! All other hotels are carpet floor,

even you clean the carpet every day, the carport floor is absolutely not clean! it is insect, dust and garbage container!

A2. More Space: We provide much more space at a very lower price. Including living room, dining room, kitchen room and a balcony!

A3. More Service: Full size kitchen, FREE local phone; FREE cable high speed Wi-Fi internet; FREE back street parking, Car rental, Coin laundary.

A4. Best Location: we are located in Metrotown, Burnaby area, 5 minutes' walk to Metrotown Shopping Mall, Crystal Shopping Mall and Metrotown Skytrain Station.

http://www.easylodge.net/pickup; http://www.easylodge.net/faq

Q2. How are the Easy Lodge apartments equipped? Is it good for a small family? big enough? Internet? TV? Phone?


Bedroom: IKEA solid wood queen size bed with beddings, linens and a big inwall wardrobe, side table and a lamp.

Kitchen: fridge, stove, microwave oven, coffee maker, toaster, basic pots & pans for simple cook, dining table, chairs, etc.

Living room: one sofabed or single bed, television, local phone, high speed internet cable or wireless. a balcony for each apartment.

Bathroom: supplied with towels, soap and tissues. (see picture 1 to picture 4)

Generally 1BA=one bedroom apartment ( 45 sq meter = 500 sq ft.) is big enough for a small family, because it has one queen size bed in the room

and another queen bed in the living room (see the picture below). Of course we can add one more single bed in the living room upon your request.

Internet, TV and local phone:

We offer FREE internet, TV and local phone service, But not for long term rental customer (like monthly rental plan - MRP tenant)

Below are the photos for apartment room, living room, kitchen and washroom in EasyLodge Metrotown, Burnaby, BC: (click on the picture, you'll see a big one)

EASY LODGE Canada= The cheapest apartment hotel, $79/day, $1899/month!

Reservation: http://www.easylodge.net/reservation Special offer: http://www.easylodge.net/sale

Choose hotel or furnished Apartment? What is the difference between Holiday Inn and Easy Lodge? See: http://www.easylodge.net/faq

Easy Booking: send text message to EasyLodge Mobile: 6O4 97O 2O0O Address: 6390 Cassie Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5H2W5, Canada

Great Vancouver Cities: Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam, Delta, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster, etc.

EasyLodge [at] Gmail.com Tel: 6O4 97O 2O0O; Skype: EasyLodge http://www.easylodge.net

Laundry, Parking, Pets, Smoking, Housekeeping, Party?

Q5. Are there Laundry facilities at Easy Lodge Apartment? Parking lot available?

A. Yes, in building laundry facilities are available from 9 am to 8 pm. it is coin laundry with washer and dryer.

we offer free detergent upon request (see picture 5). Back street parking is FREE. basement parking is $4.9/day.

Q6. Is there housekeeping service for my apartment?

A. Not for daily (it is your duty to keep clean and tidy, cleaning tools are available), However we may offer weekly housekeeping

for free if you need. Sometimes (noon time) we may come in the apartment for safety check if need

Q7. Are pets allowed? smoking? party? A. NO, EasyLodge is not allowed cats,

Smoking is not allowed in room, however you may do it at balcony of your apartment or out of the building.

small private party is ok. No public big party.

Picture 5: Laundry

Q8 Deposit, Reservation? Cancellation Policy?

Q8.1 How Can I Pay For My Reservation?

The best way is pay the deposit by PayPal or Canadian banks, We also accept personal cheques and cash in USD or CAD. or VISA Card or Master Card

Yes, your reservation is only secured after the deposit paid: for reservation, see http://www.easylodge.net/reservation,

for deposit, see http://www.easylodge.net/pay/deposit/Canada . For those who have (have not) fill out the Reservation Form

but we didn't received the deposit, We follow the procedure that First Come First Serve. That means we can NOT hold any reservation

without deposit.Deposit including damage deposit, clean deposit, and key deposit

Q8.2 I paid deposit, do I have to pay the rental again when I check in?

Yes, you will pay the rental plus tax when you check, in, EasyLodge will refund your deposit when you check out. (if no damage, clean and keys returned)

Q8.3 How Much For Deposit:

Normally deposit half of the total amount (50% of total price), Minimum is $300, even one or two days booking,

Q8.4. Cancellation Policy: Cancellation/Amendment: (Easy Lodge has two policies: Special Condition, and Non-Refundable)

EasyLodge Special Conditions:

Q8.4.1: If canceled up to 30 days before date of arrival, A fixed amount $30 will be charged for administration fee

Q8.4.2: If canceled between 30 days to 15 days before date of arrival, 25% of total amount will be charged.

Q8.4.3: if canceled less than 15 days before date of arrival or in case of no- show, 50% of total amount will be charged.

EasyLodge Non-Refundable: (10% discount of total amount for this smart deal)

Q8.4.4: Please note, if canceled, total price of the reservation will be charged, Total price will be charged on the day of booking

I paid deposit, do I have to pay the rental again when I check in? Yes, You will pay the rental (plus tax) when you check in.

Deposit will be returned to you when you check out. (with condition of no damage, apartment clean, no smoke smell and keys returned)

I got a promotion package from EasyLodge for 5 months for $1999/m, if I have to check out earlier, can I get me deposit $1999 back?

No, but you will get half deposit back ($1000) if you check out earlier than the schedule you confirmed with EasyLodge.

It is promotion package, you need to check out based on the date scheduled.

I got a promotion from EasyLodge for $1024/week, if I have to check out earlier, do I have to still pay $1024 for the week?

No, you do not have pay the whole rental for the week, however, once you check in, you have to pay minimum charge for two days with regular rate.

Q9. Is it easy for find food court or easy for eating out?

A. Yes, second floor of Crystal Mall or first floor in Metrotown metropolis offer food court, usually $4.99 for one person or $7.99 for two.

Burnaby Crystal Mall: http://www.thecrystalmall.ca/en/index.htm About Metrotown Mall: http://www.metropolisatmetrotown.com/

Q10. Is it any bus or public transit near Easy Lodge Apartment?

A. Yes, Easy Lodge Metrotown is only 100 meters away from the biggest bus loop in Great Vancouver, and Metrotown skytrain station.

for more information, you may check: http://www.translink.ca/

Q11. Is it any shopping mall or parks near Easy Lodge Apartment?

A. Yes, Metropolis at Metrotown is the biggest shopping mall in BC, only 100 meters way from Easy Lodge Metrotown, Famous Central Park and Bonsor Park

are only 2 and 4 bocks away from Easy Lodge Metrotown location.




Q12. What time is move in (check in) or move out (check out)? What should I offer when I check in? What shoud I do when check out?

A. CHECK IN time is after 3 p.m to 3 am in the morning. CHECK OUT time is before 11:30 am, after 12:00 pm will be charged half a day price, after 6 pm

will be charged one day price. please call Customer Service if you need to make special arrangements Tel: 6O4 97O 2O0O or email to EasyLodge.

Check in: You may offer any photo ID for check in registration.

Check out: Do I have to do the clean work when I check out?

YES, EasyLodge is DIY apartment hotel, you have to keep the apartment clean and tidy same as when you check in before, and no pets, no garbage,

no damage when you check out, otherwise some or full deposit will be charged based on the clean situation when you check out.

Q13. Do I have to sign a lease with a furnished rental or at EasyLodge Apartment? what is the rates for 5 more days after my MRP month rental?

A1. No need. However, if you rental more than one month or if you need, we may sign a lease agreement with you

A2, The rate will be calculated again for the 5 more days, e.g. your room type is STD, $89/day, then your 5 days more rates will be $89X5X1.15=$511.75

Q14. If I am staying for a long period, why don't I just rent a traditional unfurnished apartment and furnished it myself?

A. You can save money if your duration of stay is longer than a year and you furnish an apartment by yourself. If you are an extremely resourceful individual,

know the city well and have a car and driver licence this can work for you. However, for most people who come to a new city for a temporary stay, like

three weeks or two months, or even a couple of months, finding the time or resources to accomplish this task is quite a challenge. So, the furnished

apartment or suites is the best choice for short term stay (like one or three months) for travellers.

Q14.1 I am newcomer, I don't know how long I will stay in your furnished apartment, I will move to a long term rental apartment when I found it.

What is minimum duration stay in EasyLodge, Can I pay day by day?

Yes, you can pay the EasyLodge rental day by day, but you will pay high rates than week rental or month rental at EasyLodge, the minimum pay is three days

when you check in, , You can save some money when you pay for a longer time. A week notice in advance is required before you check out.

Q15. About tax, what is the GST and PST? and should I expect to pay these tax on my furnished apartment rental at EasyLodge?

The GST is the federal Goods and Services Tax (5%) by the Government of Canada, which is applied to most products and services.

The PST is the Provincial SalesTax (BC Retail Sales Tax = 7%).It is a consumer tax imposed on the purchaser (consumer) of goods and certain services,

which are consumed within the province of British Columbia (BC). Yes, you should expect to pay tax on top of your purchase price, but not for GST, PST

at Easy Lodge, Hotel Room Tax (HRT = 15%) is the one you will pay on the top of your rental.

Q16. About the Easy Lodge rates (price), what is included, what is not included?

The Easy Lodge rates (price) include: Gas, water, electricity (hydro), local phone, high speed internet, kitchenware, back street parking.

Tax (Hotel Room Tax = HRT) is not included. Customer (tenant) will pay for that.

Q17. Is living in Vancouver safe?

A. Yes. Compared to most major North American cities, Vancouver is extremely safe. The resident population in Vancouver is growing extremely fast

as more and more condominium and apartments are being constructed. There is a lot of choice of accommodations and there is great day to day

living infrustructure (grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurant, food court, markets, dry cleaning, etc).

Q18. Do you have a website providing information about furnished apartment rentals about other cities or other countries?

Yes, Easy Lodge welcome other lodging owners to join Easy Lodge group, Easy Lodge offer wroldwide lodging membership, partner or franchise chain in

Canada, America, Europe, Australia, Japan, China and many countries.

Q19. What is the GVA? (from year 2010, Great Vancouver changed to Metro Vancouver)

The GVA stands for the Great Vancouver Area. It combines the regions of the City of Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, New Westminster, Coquitlam,

North Vancouver, etc. Now named as Metro Vancouver. If you are in Now York, Sydney or London, the word "Vancouver" stands for Great Vancouver.

If you are already in Great Vancouver, The word "Vancouver" only stands for Vancouver city, one of Great Vancouver cities. more info at:

http://www.travel.bc.ca/regions/vancouver-coast-mountains/ See the map below for your reference. http://vancouver.ca/ http://www.vancouver.com/

Vancouver furnished apartment rentals = EASY LODGE = the best vacation rental in Vancouver, Canada!

Picture 1: Living room Picture 2: Bedroom Picture 3: Kitchen & Kitchenware Picture 4: Bathroom

(click on the picture you will see a big one)

Q3. What is the shortest length of stay in Easy Lodge I can reserve for? What is the longest period of time I can stay with you?

A. The minimum stay is 2 nights. You can stay as long as you like. (usually short term stay rates is higher than long term. You'll get 3~5% discount each week)

Q4. What is the difference between a staying at furnished apartment/suites (like EasyLodge) and a hotel?

Price is the biggest difference. A hotel room in Vancouver cannot be had for under $120 a night, Normally hotel price in Vancouver is between $150 to $450 per night.

whereas for a furnished rental several companies provide accommodations which average under $100 a night. For daily living the biggest difference is hotel rooms

do not have full kitchens including microwave, coffee pot and basic pots and pans, and most of hotel are not free for the local phone use.

Room divider, Apartment space, Lodging price, Furnished with kitchenware?

Room divider: Normally we have Room Divider for a big family, in this case, you pay by only APT1 price

($99 - $139/day), but you have two rooms. (click on the picture in the left, you will see enlarge one, beside the phone,

it is the Room Divider, room wall is behind the telephone table, this is living room picture, bedroom picture see 1)

EasyLodge Apartment: Normally daily rates will be single room = $79/day, One bedroom apartment

(1BA) = $99 ~ $139/day, two bedroom =$139 - 159/day;

Generally it is good for private travel (holiday stay, family travel, private visit, new immigrant relocation settlement,

international student landing, also good for business travel, business vacation, commerical rental, office move,

company rent, business visit, etc.

Web site: http://www.easylodge.net

Reservation: http://www.easylodge.net/reservation Special offer: http://www.easylodge.net/sale

EasyLodge is a business name of licenced hotel operator registered in the government of BC, Canada. ( www.EasyLodge.net )

Vancouver Easy Lodge locations:

EasyLodge 1AV: Nanaimo St. & East 1Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada V5M 1A3

EasyLodge W41: West Blvd & West 41Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6M 4B8

EasyLodge MET: Central Blvd & Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5H 2V5

EasyLodge NO3: Leslie Road & No.3 Road, Richmond, BC, Canada V6X 1E5

Want to find a EasyLodge location? Just input post code (e.g. V5H 2V5) into Google Map: http://maps.google.com

WHY EasyLodge Apartment Canada- Vancouver Hotels Comparison Chart

EasyLodge [at] Gmail.com Tel: 6O4 97O 2O0O; Skype: EasyLodge

Picture 6: Great Vancouver, BC, Canada

Seven Reasons to Select Easy Lodge Apartment for Vacation Rental in Vancouver, Canada!

1.1 Best location: Near the BC biggest shopping mall Metrotown, Crystal Mall, Skytrain station, only 15km from Vancouver Airport

1.2 Apartment hotel: Apart hotel, kitchen, balcony, big bedroom, living room, hardwood floor, solid wood bed, serviced apartment motel

1.3 Kitcken& Balcony: 340L big fridge, stove & oven with all kitchenwares, cooking ware, pots & pans, and private balcony for all apartment!

1.4 Unbeatable price: The cheapest aparthotel lodging in Vancouver! Our biggest idea is your smallest price! from only $69/day

1.5 Flexible rates: Only Canada EasyLodge has daily rate, weekly rate, monthly price, short term long term vacation rental

1.6 Free Wi-Fi, Parking: Free Wi-Fi, free back street parking, basement garage parking, free copy, scan, business center services

1.7 More room type: One bedroom 1BR,two bdrm 2BR,studio,queen room,bachelor,service apartment,hostel,motel,suite&aparthotel!

www.EasyLodge.net Address: 6390 Cassie Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5H 2W5, Canada

Vancouver Easy Lodge Apartment Rental and Services:

Vacation rental: http://www.easylodge.net/vacation

Apartment rental: http://www.easylodge.net/apartment

Room rental: http://www.easylodge.net/room

Rental pomotion: http://www.easylodge.net/sale

Choose Hotel or Furnished Apartment? http://www.easylodge.net/faq

Hotel v.s. Furnished Apartment Hotel

Making traveling plans for a business trip can sometimes be a hassle as you try to decided what kind of

accommodations are best for you and your company. Generally any trip under a week or so could be nicely

spent in a hotel, but anything longer and you will begin to want more than just a hotel room. So, for the serious

business trip, a furnished apartment can be a wonderful alternative. Still if the duration of your trip is more than

a week or so and less than a month you may need help deciding which is a better fit for you, the furnished

apartment or the hotel? Below are some things (Question & answer) to take into consideration and may

help you make a good decision about where to stay. http://www.easylodge.net/faq

picture 7: Lowrise apartment

Q31, Price: At first glance a furnished apartment may seem more costly than a hotel, but in the long run you will pay less and get more for your money by staying

at a furnished apartment for your long stay, rather than a hotel. Again for the short trip a hotel room is better for your trip, but for a longer stay, Easy Lodge will

offer more for your money than a hotel room. At a hotel you will need to go out every day for your meals, but at a furnished apartment you can purchase your

own food and save a little money. At Easy Lodge, your rent will include things like cable, high speed internet, local phone, a fully stocked kitchen and much more.

The lowest price apartment at Easy Lodge Vancouver for single room only $308/week, Studio/Bachelor, $498/week, But hotel price, $150/day to $450/day.

Q32, Service: At a hotel, you can be waited on hand and foot. There is of course the daily maid service, but you can also have every meal brought to your room

and each article of dirty clothing taken away and cleaned. But keep in mind that each meal brought and every shirt washed will add to your bill. This can be all well

and good if your stay is short, but after a week or two, the little extra services can add up. At furnished apartments, like Easy Lodge, you may not have room service,

but instead you have a fully equipped kitchen ready for you to make your favorite meal day or night. Full apartment cleaning and laundry machines are also part of

the service you receive at Easy Lodge. Furnished apartments give you the same freedom and comfort you feel at home without the weekly chores of cleaning.

Q33, Location: Hotels are everywhere; you can find them downtown, uptown, to the east and west or next to the airport. This is convenient for many business

travelers who want locations close to their destination or the airport, but may be ill suited for you if you are in town for a longer length of time. Finding a furnished

apartment hotel at the exact location you want may be more difficult as they are generally out numbered by hotels, but now things changed, many are still located

in business or downtown districts and are close to public transit systems than can help you get to your destination. Easy Lodge Vancouver is one of them.

Q34, Reservations: Many hotels will let you check in the day you arrive without a reservation, which is helpful for the last minute business traveler. But,

for longer stays, a reservation is best so that you can be ensured of your room upon arrival with best rates. Before you make your reservation, check with the hotel

or furnished apartment to see if there is a minimum stay requirement. So, do make reservations if you know you will be in town for a longer period of time.

Whether you are in town for just a few days or a couple of months, you want to be smart about your accommodations and choose someplace that will provide

you the service and comfort you desire. Each choice has its pro’s and con’s, but what is most important is that you are pleased and enjoy your stay

while you conduct your business. http://www.easylodge.net/faq


Single room

One bedroon

Two bedroom

High speed internet

Local phone

Kitchen & Kitchenware

Car service

Car parking

Pick up from Airport


Business center(copy, print)

New immigrant service

Immigration & VISA service







Best Western














Days Inn














Holiday Inn





Yes. $1/each
























Only ELO has single room

Depends on season

Only ELO has two bedroom

Only ELO has hi-speed internet

Only ELO has free local phone

Only ELO has kitchen

Taxi: 604 681 1111/604 430 8000

Only ELO has free parking

Shuttle bus

Coin laundry

Only ELO has free copy

PR, SIN, Welfare application

ELO has immigration service




Yes or Free





4201 Lougheed Hwy. Burnaby, B.C. V5C 3Y6, Canada

Tel: (604) 298-2010; 1-800-590-EXEC (3932), Fax: (604) 298-1123



Best Western Plus Kings Inn & Conference Centre

5411 Kingsway, Burnaby, British Columbia V5H 2G1 Canada

Tel: 604-438-1383; 1-800-211-1122 Email: info [at] bestwesternkingsinn.com



Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre

4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby, BC, V5G1C7 Canada

Tel: (604) 453-0750; 1-888-890-3222



Haddon House Bed & Breakfast

5558 Buckingham Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5E 2A1 Canada

Tel: (604) 522-2363. Tel: 1-888-522-2363; (604) 522-2363



401 Motor Inn

2950 Boundary Road, Burnaby, BC, V5M3Z9 Canada

Tel: 604-438-3451; 1 866-299-2910 http://www.401inn.com/


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Spanish Italian Filipino Punjabi Indian Korean Japanese Chinese Thai Vietnamese Pakistanis Malaysians Indonesians Russian Saudi Arab Israelis

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EASY LODGE CANADA Member = Hotels near Metrotown, Burnaby, Vancouver:


Easy Lodge Metrotown, Burnaby

6390 Cassie Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5H 2V5, Canada www.EasyLodge.net EasyLodge [at] Gmail.com

Tel: 6O4 97O 2O0O; Skype: EasyLodge


Hilton Vancouver Metrotown

6083 McKay Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5H 2W7, Canada

Tel: 1-604-438-1200; 1 888 884 3959 Fax 604-431-7782 www.hiltonvancouver.com


Holiday Inn Express Hotel Burnaby

4405 Central Blvd, Burnaby, BC V5H 4M3, Canada

Tel: 604-438-1881 (877) 863-4780 Fax: 604-438-1883



Ramada Hotel & Suites Vancouver Metrotown:

3484 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5L6, Canada

Tel: 604-433-8255 www.ramadahotelvancouver.com


Days Inn Vancouver:

2075 Kingsway, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, V5N 2T2

Tel: 604-876-5531 or Toll Free: 1-800-546-4792

Fax : 604-872-2676 http://daysinnvancouvermetro.com/


Hyatt Regency Vancouver

655 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 2R7, Canada

Tel:604-683-1234 www.vancouver.hyatt.com


Empire Landmark Hotel

1400 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC V6G 1B9, Canada

Tel: 604-687-0511 ‎ www.empirelandmarkhotel.com


Accent Inn Burnaby

3777 Henning Drive, Burnaby, BC V5C 6N5 Canada

Tel: (604) 473-5000 Fax (604) 473-5095 burnaby [at] accentinns.com



Executive Hotel & Conference Centre Burnaby

Dutch = EasyLodge, Vancouver hotel, volledig gemeubileerd, studio, bachelor, een slaapkamer appartement. reizen, vakantie en korte termijn verhuur, in Metrotown, Burnaby, $ 69 per dag!

Filipino = EasyLodge, Vancouver hotel, fully furnished, studio, bachelor, isa silid-tulugan na apartment. travel, bakasyon at short term rental, sa Metrotown, Burnaby, $ 69 sa isang araw!

Finnish= Vancouver hotelli, täysin kalustettu, studio, poikamies, yhden makuuhuoneen asunto. matka, loma-ja lyhytaikaiseen vuokraukseen, on Metrotown, Burnaby,69 dollaria päivässä!

German = EasyLodge, Vancouver Hotel, voll möbliert, Studio-, Bachelor-, einem Schlafzimmer. Reisen, Urlaub und kurzfristige Vermietung, in Metrotown, Burnaby, 69 $ pro Tag!

Greek = Vancouver ξενοδοχείο, πλήρως επιπλωμένο, διαμέρισμα ενός υπνοδωματίου. ταξίδια, διακοπές και βραχυπρόθεσμη ενοικίαση, σε Metrotown, Burnaby, 69 δολάρια την ημέρα!

Hindi = EasyLodge, वैंकूवर होटल, पूरी तरह से सुसज्जित, स्टूडियो, स्नातक, एक बेडरूम का अपार्टमेंट. यात्रा, छुट्टी और Metrotown, Burnaby, 69 ḍŏlara ēka dina mēṁ alpāvadhi kirāyē,!

Indonesian= hotel Vancouver, perabotan lengkap, studio, sarjana, satu apartemen kamar tidur. perjalanan, liburan dan sewa jangka pendek, di Metrotown, Burnaby, $69 per hari!

Irish =Vancouver óstán, tugtha go hiomlán, stiúideo, Baitsiléir, árasán seomra leapa amháin. taistil, laethanta saoire agus cíos ghearrthéarma, sa Metrotown, Burnaby, $69 in aghaidh an lae!

Italian = hotel di Vancouver, completamente arredato, studio, scapolo, una camera da letto. viaggi, vacanze e noleggio a breve termine, in Metrotown, Burnaby, 69 dollari al giorno!

Japanese = EasyLodge、バンクーバーのホテルは、完全に、スタジオ、学士号を、1ベッドルームアパート家具。メトロタウン、バーナビー、69ドル一日の旅行、休暇、短期レンタル、!

Korean = EasyLodge은, 밴쿠버 호텔, 완전히, 스튜디오, 미혼, 한 아파트 침실 가구. Metrotown, 버나비, 79달러 하루에 여행, 휴가 및 단기 임대!

Latin = EasyLodge, Vancouver Hotel ornata, studio, bachelor unum cubiculum cubiculo. Hue vacationem short term rental in Metrotown, Burnaby, LIX only $ dies!

Malay = EasyLodge, hotel Vancouver, perabot lengkap, studio, sarjana, satu apartemen bilik tidur. perjalanan, bercuti dan sewa jangka pendek, di Metrotown, Burnaby, $ 69 per hari!

Norwegian = EasyLodge, Vancouver hotell, fullt møblert, studio, bachelor, ett soverom. reise, ferie og korttidsleie, i Metrotown, Burnaby, $ 69 om dagen!

Persian = EasyLodge ، هتل ونکوور ، به طور کامل مبله ، استودیو ، لیسانس ، یک آپارتمان یک خوابه. سفر ، تعطیلات و کوتاه مدت اجاره ، در Metrotown ، برنابی ، $ 69 روز!

Portuguese = EasyLodge, Vancouver hotel, totalmente mobiliado, solteiro, estúdio, apartamento de um quarto. viagens, férias e aluguer de curta duração, em Metrotown, Burnaby, 69 dólares por dia!

Russian= Ванкувер гостиница, полностью меблирована, студии, бакалавр, квартира с одной спальней. путешествия, отдых и краткосрочной аренды, в Метротаун, Барнаби, $ 69 в день!

Spanish = EasyLodge, hotel de Vancouver, totalmente amueblado, estudio, soltero, apartamento de un dormitorio. viajes, vacaciones y alquiler a corto plazo, en Metrotown, Burnaby, $ 69 por día!

Swedish = EasyLodge, Vancouver hotell, fullt möblerade, studio, ungkarl, ett sovrum. resor, semester och kortare vistelser i Metrotown, Burnaby, $ 69 a dag!

Thai = EasyLodge, โรงแรมแวนคูเวอร์ตกแต่งพร้อมสตูดิโอตรี,, หนึ่งห้องนอน เดินทาง, วันหยุดและให้เช่าระยะสั้นใน Metrotown, Burnaby, $ 69 ต่อวัน!

Ukrainian = Ванкувер готель, повністю мебльована, студії, бакалавр, квартира з однією спальнею. подорожі, відпочинок і короткострокової оренди, в Метротаун, Барнабі, $ 69 на день!

Vietnamese = EasyLodge, Vancouver khách sạn, đầy đủ nội thất, studio, cử nhân, một phòng ngủ của căn hộ. du lịch, nghỉ và cho thuê ngắn hạn, trong Metrotown, Burnaby, 69 $ một ngày!

EasyLodge [at] Gmail.com www.EasyLodge.net Tel:6O4 97O 2O0O; Skype: EasyLodge


Danish = EasyLodge, Vancouver hotel, fuldt møbleret, studio, bachelor, en etværelses lejlighed. rejser, ferie og kortvarige leje, Metrotown, Burnaby, $ 69 om dagen!

Note: ELO = Easy Lodge Hotel; N/A = not available; Yes = available, but not free; OK = available for free;


English =EasyLodge, Vancouver apartment hotel, fully furnished, studio, bachelor, one bedroom apartment. travel, vacation and short term rental, in Metrotown, Burnaby, only $69 a day!

French = EasyLodge, hôtel de Vancouver, entièrement meublé, studio, studio, une chambre appartement. Voyage, vacances et location à court terme, dans Metrotown, Burnaby, 69 $ par jour!

Arabic = EasyLodge ، فانكوفر الفندق ، مفروشة بالكامل ، الاستوديو ، بكالوريوس ، شقة واحدة غرفة نوم. السفر ، والإجازات واستئجار على المدى القصير ، في Metrotown ، بورنابي 6 79$ في اليوم!

Chinese = EasyLodge, 加拿大宜家酒店, 温哥华酒店式公寓旅馆, 配套齐全, 套房, 单间, 一居室, 一室一厅公寓. 度假旅游短租, 公寓出租, 在Metrotown, Burnaby- 伯纳比, $ 69/天!