[ Copy this form to your email, then fill in your information and email to EasyLodge: EasyLodge [at] ]

1. WHO:

1.1 Name*_________ Land Tel : *__________ Mobile phone:*__________(EasyLodge will keep contact with you by mobile text message)

1.2 Kids age:___________ People total: ________ from country: ____________ Province/state:___________

Canada EasyLodge Apartment Booking

2. WHEN: [Example: You will arrive in Vancouver in the morning May 6 (the same day) if you leave Tokyo on May 6 in the evening]

Date arrive in Vancouver *_______ Flight company*:______Flight No.*:_____ Estimated check in time:*________ Estimated check out time:_______

3. WHERE: 639O Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5H2V5, Canada (unit 12O)

Please Note: because this front street Willingdon Ave is big street, can not parking or stop, due to traffic safety reason,

So all cars or taxi please go to the back street directly: Cassie Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5H 2W5

(To find the location quickly, you can only just input the post code V5H2W5 into your GPS or google map)

4. HOW: What kind of transportation will you take to Easy Lodge apartment?

4.1 by rental car? ____________; by taxi?_____________; by friend ride?_________; other option?_____________

4.2 Need Easy Lodge pickup? ___________ (pickup procedure see: ), if so, need kids car seat?_______

(A fee $40 will be charged for pickup service)

4.3 Do you have mobile phone when you arrive in Vancouver? if so, what is the number?________________

[ it is highly recommended that we keep contact with you by mobile text message, our mobile: (001) 6O4 97O 2OOO ]

4.4 if you have a car, do you need basement parking?_______________ ($4.9/day, however, backstreet parking free)

4.9 Please DO call EasyLodge first before you coming from Vancouver Airport,

Otherwise you may can not find your apartment, as EasyLodge has a couple of buildings around Metrotown, Burnaby, BC area.

5, WHAT: Other requirement from customer (e.g. Travel, Car rental or House Finding Service? EasyLodge may help you)


Client name: * __________________Date *______________________ (End of EasyLodge Booking)

Please note: Reservation can only be secured by your deposit: you for choosing Easy Lodge, your new home in Vancouver, Canada!

EasyLodge [at] Tel: 6O4 998 6868; Mobile: 6O4 97O 2OOO Skype: EasyLodge