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Pickup Procedure:

3. WHERE:  6390 Cassie Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5H2W5, Canada 
Please Note: we are apartment, no receptionist, you need to call us or text us before you comme 
(EasyLodge mobile: 6O4 97O 2OOO), then we open the door for you, 
So a mobile number is required. 
Note: Please DO call EasyLodge first before you coming to Easy Lodge, otherwise you may can not find your apartment, 
because EasyLodge has a couple of buildings around Metrotown, Burnaby, BC area.(our mobile: 6O4 97O 2OOO)

4. HOW:  What kind of transportation will you take to Easy Lodge apartment? 
4.1 by rental car? ____________; by taxi?_____________; by friend ride?_________; other option?_____________
 Need Easy Lodge pickup? ___________ (pickup procedure see: ), if so, need kids car seat?_______
(A fee $40 will be charged for pickup service for a sedan wagon car and $50 for mini Van service)
4.3 Do you have mobile phone when you arrive in Vancouver? if so, what is the number?______________________

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