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Party A: Landlord or Landlord Agency = Canada Easy Lodge Property Management

Party B: Rental Applicant

Office Location:  118 – 6390 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5H2V5, Canada

Rental Description: two bedroom basement in a house at Rental Location above

1, Applicant background information:

Last name:____________ First name:______________  Driver License #________________

1.1 Applicant current address:

1.2 Current occupation:                             Annual salary:

1.3 Current company name & tel:

1.4 Who is the contact for the reference check in 1.3 above

1.5 Applicant credit card type  (VISA, Master, etc.) :_____________   

1.6 Applicant vehicle: maker:_____________; model:__________ Plate number:______________

1.7 Applicant family information:



1.10: Emergency contact (your relatives or friends, name & tel.):


2, Rental plan:

2.1 Estimated rental period:

2.2 Do you have pets? Drugs? Gun or weapon?_____________________________

2.3 Do you smoke? __________________________

2.4 Private rental or business rental?________________________

2.5 Any noise and environment issue when you rental the property?

2.6 Can you deposit all the monthly cheques to the Party A when the rental starts?

3. Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement (between Party A and Party B)

By fill out this form, Both Party A and Party B declare that the information they have provided above are true. Both Party A and Party B agree not to disclosure 

to third parties for any confidential information above without the prior written consent of the other, confidential information including contact information, 

vehicle information, and all of this above.


Applicant Name: (in print)                                                    Signature:


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