A few mistake for visitors to Canada when choose short term rental service in Vancouver, Canada: 
1, Hotel price the higher the better: Vancouver, Toronto hotel normally price is $ 200 ~ $ 300 / night, even the lowest hotel also $ 130 plus tax for $ 150 or so.
and it is only a room or studio, no kitchen, no living room, but little space.

2, Family lodge, the cheaper the better: Many people choose family hotel or home hotel for lodging service, usually $40 - $50/night, but it is only a house,
you get a room, but kitchen, living room are shared, They run the service as prviate, no business licence, space is small, there is no privacy protection.
3, Find a friend housing service: Many tourists choose to live in a friend home to save some money, but the problem is that your friend goes to work every day,
it is difficult to have time to prepare your accommodation supplies (due to non-hotel services), Secondly, the general friend's houses are not very spacious,
so you are tourists, temporary rental, make the space crowded, there is no privacy is concerned, for a longer time, it will affect your friend and you as well
So apart from family lodging service, friend offer, any other options for short term rental? Yes, it is an apartment hotel:
Apartment hotel similar to your apartment home, a one unit, completely freedom, there is no interference with the landlord, but also plenty of room for a living room,
bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc., furniture. Kitchen, Internet, telephone and fully equipped, just like in your own homes as comfortable and convenient,
Also in hight traffic area, travel accessible. Although the price is slightly higher than a family hotel, but about 50% ~ 80% lower than normal hotel in Vancouver
(Normally $70 ~ $90 / day), so coming to Canada to live in an apart hotel is the most cost-effective (SMART) travel plan! 

Canada Easy Lodge is registered professional hotel operator, all of its hotel in Vancouver, BC are apartment hotel, 
Bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, all equipped, also, internet, local phone, back street parking all free! 
EasyLodge [at]   
Tel: 6O4 97O 2O0O;
 Skype: EasyLodge    
Note: Generally hotel or lodging price in Vancouver: Family lodging: $50 ~ $60/day; Apartment hotel: $70 ~ $100/day; Low price hotel: $140 ~ $180/day,
mid-range hotel: $200 ~ $300 / day, Luxury hotel: more than $350/day

 Our biggest idea is your smallest price!   

Seven Reasons to Select Easy Lodge Apartment for Vacation Rental in Vancouver, Canada!
1.1 Best location: Near the BC biggest shopping mall Metrotown, Crystal Mall, Skytrain station, only 15km from Vancouver Airport
1.2 Apartment hotel: Apart hotel, kitchen, balcony, big bedroom, living room, hardwood floor, solid wood bed, serviced apartment motel
1.3 Kitcken& Balcony: 340L big fridge, stove & oven with all kitchenwares, cooking ware, pots & pans, and private balcony for all apartment!
1.4 Unbeatable price: The cheapest aparthotel lodging in Vancouver! Our biggest idea is your smallest price! from only $69/day
1.5 Flexible rates: Only Canada EasyLodge has daily rate, weekly rate, monthly price, short term long term vacation rental
1.6 Free Wi-Fi, Parking: Free Wi-Fi, free back street parking, basement garage parking, free copy, scan, business center services
1.7 More room type: One bedroom 1BR,two bdrm 2BR,studio,queen room,bachelor,service apartment,hostel,motel,suite&aparthotel!       Address: 639O Cassie Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5H 2W5, Canada
Easy Booking: send text message to EasyLodge Mobile: 6O4 97O 2O0O 

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