Canada EASY LODGE Apartment - 加西酒店 - CAC - Comfort Accommodation Canada 
3600 Crowley Dr. Vancouver, BC, V5R 6G1, Canada     Tel: 6O4 97O 2O0O     Email: EasyLodge[at];  Skype: EasyLodge
6390 Cassie Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5H2W5, Canada   Easylodge - The best short term vacation rental in Vancouver, Canada!

Seven Reasons to Select Easy Lodge Apartment for Vacation Rental in Vancouver, Canada!
1.1 Best location: Near the BC biggest shopping mall Metrotown, Crystal Mall, Skytrain station, only 15km from Vancouver Airport
1.2 Apartment hotel: Apart hotel, kitchen, balcony, big bedroom, living room, hardwood floor, solid wood bed, serviced apartment motel
1.3 Kitcken& Balcony: 340L big fridge, stove & oven with all kitchenwares, cooking ware, pots & pans, and private balcony for all apartment!
1.4 Unbeatable price: The cheapest aparthotel lodging in Vancouver! Our biggest idea is your smallest price! from only $69/day
1.5 Flexible rates: Only Canada EasyLodge has daily rate accommodation, weekly monthly price, short term long term vacation rental
1.6 Free Wi-Fi, Parking: Free Wi-Fi, free back street parking, basement garage parking, free copy, scan, business center services
1.7 More room type: One bedroom 1BR,two bdrm 2BR,studio,queen room,bachelor,service apartment,hostel,motel,suite&aparthotel!       Address: 6390 Cassie Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5H 2W5, Canada

  Canada Easy Lodge Apartment Rate.   Vancouver Burnaby Apartment Hotel (This price list is not applied to MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP these peak season months)
 Suite Type Day BED KitchenRent for 
STU - Com69 QS No couple  
STU - Std79QS No couple  
STU - Big89QSNocouple
1BR - Com99QS+QSYesfamily
1BR - Std109QS+QSYesfamily 
1BR - Big119 QS+QS Yes family 
2BR - Com129QS+QSYesfamily
2BR - Std139QS+QSYesfamily
2BR - Big149 QS+QS Yes family 
  SERVICE TAX CHARGE:  : 15%;    1day 45% surcharge;     Tax apply
QS= Queen size bed; Apartment size: Com=Compact;  Std=Standard; Big= Big; STU=Sudio =Queen room; 1BR=one bedroom apartment; 
2BR= two bedroom apartment; Facilities: hardwood floor, full size kitchen, big fridge, microwave, stove, oven, pots and pans, 
balcony, living room, big sofa, Free Wi-Fi internet; free back street parking; garage parking, airport shuttle; coin laundry; Tel: 6O4 97O 2O0O (Text, WeChat, WhatsApp)    Tel 60O4 998 6868    Address: 6390 Cassie Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5H2W5, Canada
The cheapest apartment hotel, fully furnished apartment suites in Vancouver, Canada!

 Canada Vancouver Hotel Apartment    Three Type of Apartment  Canada West Hotel                                                             
Address: 6390 Cassie Ave, Burnaby, BC,V5H 2W5, Canada   Email: VancouverHotel [at]   Tel: 6O4 97O 2O0O (text OK)  
1, STU = STUDIO (Queen Room)  Facilities: Queen size bed, sofa bed, WC  
Also called Bachelor or Suite; Queen size bed =1.5M X 2.0M 
LAYOUT: Living room,  Washroom, Balcony (Kitchen is option)
WHAT:    Queen size bed, 1;  Sofa;  Dinning table;  TV;  340L Fridge;  Microwave;   
WHO:      Good for single, couple, small family, business travel,
AREA:     380 sf = 35 sm; plus balcony   (Based on area, COM= Compact; STD= Standard; BIG= Big;   STU-COM; STU-STD; STU-BIG)

2, 1BR = One Bedroom Apartment   Facilities: 2 Queen beds, sofa bed, kitchen  
LAYOUT: Bedrooom, Living room, Washroom, Kitchen, Balcony
WHAT:    Queen size bed, 2 (one in room, one at living room);  Sofa;  Dinning table;  TV;  340L Fridge;  Microwave;  Stove & Oven;  
WHO:      Good for single, couple, family with kids, business travel,
AREA:     480 sf = 45 sm; plus balcony  (Based on area, COM= Compact; STD= Standard; BIG= Big;   1BA-COM;   1BA-STD;   1BA-BIG)

3, 2BR = Two Bedroom Apartment    Facilities: 2 Queen beds, sofa bed, kitchen   

LAYOUT: 2 Bedroom, Living room, Washroom, Kitchen, Balcony
WHAT:    Queen size bed, 2 (one in each room);  Sofa;  Dinning table;  TV;  340L Fridge;  Microwave;  Stove & Oven;  
WHO:      Good for family with kids, business travel,
AREA:     580 sf = 55 sm; plus balcony     (Based on area, COM= Compact; STD= Standard; BIG= Big;   2BA-COM;   2BA-STD;   2BA-BIG)

EasyLodge Apartment Special-  40% off now!
Fully furnished studio apartment - only $79/day!
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  Pay In Full- PIF Payment   

We accept Master Card, VISA card and PayPal! 
Easy Booking: send text message to EasyLodge Mobile: 6O4 97O 2O0O
Easy Lodge Apartment Metrotown
 - The best vacation rental in Vancouver! The most convenient apartment hotel, very close to:
The biggest shopping mall in BC, West Canada: The Metroplis At Metrotown:;
The biggest bus & Skytrain center in Vancouver:;   
The biggest recreation center in Burnaby, BC: Bonsor Park:
The biggest oriental shopping center (Chinese-Asian mall) in Vancouver: Crystal Mall:;
Metropolis at Metrotown, the biggest shopping mall in 
west Canada with 500 stores! 
from Easy Lodge Metrotown, steps to all services: bank, restaurant, food court, tennis, gym, swimming pool, central park, etc, 
Metro Vancouver has 10 cities, Burnaby is the central city of Great Vancouver, and Metrotown is the heart of the Burnaby City, we are in Metrotown area!

 FREE furniture, full size fully furnished apartment with good quality IKEA DS, QS bed, sofa 
 FREE full size kitchen with kitchenware, big fridge, you can do simple cook like in your home
 FREE local phone, cable high speed internet, back street parking FREE!
 FREE business center: printer, scanner, copier, computer email service 

Come to Vancouver, why select Canada Easy Lodge for your short stay hotel in Vancouver:
The cheapest apartment hotel
Live at Hotel? No! we are bigger than hotel, we have living room, bedroom, kitchen, pots and pans, free internet, parking, Hotel is $130 to $250/day,
we are only $69/day! 
Live at private lodging or family hotel - Hostal? No! we are fully furnished one bedroom apart hotel! very clean housekeeping, hardwood floor, but private lodge
is shared 
house or apartment, only a room, but price still up to $40 to $50/day! Which one is better? EasyLodge is absolutely the best short term rental for you in Vancouver BC!

Canada Easy Lodge - It's your home! Good for travelers, visitors, newcomer, new immigrant, and people who travel to Vancouver 
need short term vacation rental, 
motel lodging, youth hostel, business travel, relocation and holiday accommodation,
EasyLodge - Create your new home in Vancouver! The only one apart-hotel in BC, Canada! Still have question? Please check:
more question? see Easy Lodge FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Easylodge - The best short term vacation rental in Vancouver, Canada!
WHERE WE ARE -  Easy Lodge Burnaby: 6390 Cassie Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5H 2W5, Canada
  Comfort Accommodation Canada - CAC   
Email: EasyLodge [at]
Tel: 6O4 97O 2O0O
Skype: EasyLodge   Reservation:  

EasyLodge is a licenced Olympic rental hotel operator registered in the government of BC, Canada. ( )

Canada Vancouver Hotel
 CVH = Serviced Apartment Hotel = 
Special Deal! ($ CAD/day)
Price is too high? 
No problem!  We have special offer every day! Call us today! Only Easy Lodge Canada has daily price, weekly rates, monthly plan  and special offer every day!
Flexible rental type only at EasyLodge Apartment Hotel! Easy Lodge - Lowest rates guaranteed! Nice room, Great people, Cheapest price!
EasyLodge - It's Your Home! Our biggest idea is your smallest price! 
Easy Lodge Canada Vacation Rental Special
Apartment Hotel: Picture of Double room, Living room, Washroom (All furnished with high quality IKEA furniture)

EasyLodge Canada Apartment Rental Special
Apartment Hotel: Double room, Living room, Washroom (All furnished with high quality IKEA furniture)
Only EasyLodge offer MRP = Monthly Rental Package  
Easy Lodge Canada Room/Shares Rental Special

Coming from another Vancouver's hotel? You got a free pickup! We offer free pickup if you transfer to Easy Lodge Apatment Hotel!

EasyLodge Burnaby: Central Blvd & Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC, Canada    V5H 2V3
EasyLodge Vancouver: West Blvd & West 41 Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada    V6M 4B8
EasyLodge Richmond: 
Westminster HWY & Minoru Blvd, Richmond, BC, Canada V6Y 1Y4
Email: EasyLodge [at]    
: 6O4 97O 2O0O
Skype: EasyLodge 
Easylodge - The best short term vacation rental in Vancouver, Canada!

How to get more discount at Vancouver ApartHotel: 
Call Now for $10 off!: Each phone call gives you $10 discount, why don't call now? $10 is ready for you! 
Come together: $20 ff: Come with your friends together? Terrific! Each of you will get $20 off!
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Friend Get a Friend: $20 off: Referral by old customer? or other Vancouver Hotel? Wonderful! You got $20 discount now!
EasyLodge provides affordable hotel rates, Lowest price, The cheapest deal in Vancouver, good for new comer, traveler and visitors
 Comfort Accommodation Canada - CAC  
English =EasyLodge, Vancouver apartment hotel, fully furnished, studio, bachelor, one bedroom apartment. travel, vacation and short term rental, in Metrotown, Burnaby, only $69 a day!
French = EasyLodge, hôtel de Vancouver, entièrement meublé, studio, studio, une chambre appartement. Voyage, vacances et location à court terme, dans Metrotown, Burnaby, 69 $ par jour!
Arabic = EasyLodge ، فانكوفر الفندق ، مفروشة بالكامل ، الاستوديو ، بكالوريوس ، شقة واحدة غرفة نوم. السفر ، والإجازات واستئجار على المدى القصير ، في Metrotown ، بورنابي 6 79$ في اليوم!
ChineseEasyLodge, 加拿大宜家酒店,  温哥华酒店式公寓旅馆, 配套齐全, 套房, 单间, 一居室, 一室一厅公寓.  度假旅游短租, 公寓出租, 在Metrotown, Burnaby- 本拿比,  $ 69/天!
Danish = EasyLodge, Vancouver hotel, fuldt møbleret, studio, bachelor, en etværelses lejlighed. rejser, ferie og kortvarige leje, Metrotown, Burnaby, $ 69 om dagen!
Dutch = EasyLodge, Vancouver hotel, volledig gemeubileerd, studio, bachelor, een slaapkamer appartement. reizen, vakantie en korte termijn verhuur, in Metrotown, Burnaby, $ 69 per dag!
Filipino = EasyLodge, Vancouver hotel, fully furnished, studio, bachelor, isa silid-tulugan na apartment. travel, bakasyon at short term rental, sa Metrotown, Burnaby, $ 69 sa isang araw!
Finnish= Vancouver hotelli, täysin kalustettu, studio, poikamies, yhden makuuhuoneen asunto. matka, loma-ja lyhytaikaiseen vuokraukseen, on Metrotown, Burnaby,69 dollaria päivässä!
German = EasyLodge, Vancouver Hotel, voll möbliert, Studio-, Bachelor-, einem Schlafzimmer. Reisen, Urlaub und kurzfristige Vermietung, in Metrotown, Burnaby, 69 $ pro Tag!
Greek = Vancouver ξενοδοχείο, πλήρως επιπλωμένο, διαμέρισμα ενός υπνοδωματίου. ταξίδια, διακοπές και βραχυπρόθεσμη ενοικίαση, σε Metrotown, Burnaby, 69 δολάρια την ημέρα!
Hindi = EasyLodge, वैंकूवर होटल, पूरी तरह से सुसज्जित, स्टूडियो, स्नातक, एक बेडरूम का अपार्टमेंट. यात्रा, छुट्टी और Metrotown, Burnaby, 69 ḍŏlara ēka dina mēṁ alpāvadhi kirāyē,!
Indonesian= hotel Vancouver, perabotan lengkap, studio, sarjana, satu apartemen kamar tidur. perjalanan, liburan dan sewa jangka pendek, di Metrotown, Burnaby, $69 per hari!
Irish =Vancouver óstán, tugtha go hiomlán, stiúideo, Baitsiléir, árasán seomra leapa amháin. taistil, laethanta saoire agus cíos ghearrthéarma, sa Metrotown, Burnaby, $69 in aghaidh an lae!
Italian = hotel di Vancouver, completamente arredato, studio, scapolo, una camera da letto. viaggi, vacanze e noleggio a breve termine, in Metrotown, Burnaby, 69 dollari al giorno!
Japanese = EasyLodge、バンクーバーのホテルは、完全に、スタジオ、学士号を、1ベッドルームアパート家具。メトロタウン、バーナビー、69ドル一日の旅行、休暇、短期レンタル、!
KoreanEasyLodge은, 밴쿠버 호텔, 완전히, 스튜디오, 미혼, 한 아파트 침실 가구. Metrotown, 버나비, 79달러 하루에 여행, 휴가 및 단기 임대!
Latin = EasyLodge, Vancouver Hotel ornata, studio, bachelor unum cubiculum cubiculo. Hue vacationem short term rental in Metrotown, Burnaby, LIX only $ dies!
Malay = EasyLodge, hotel Vancouver, perabot lengkap, studio, sarjana, satu apartemen bilik tidur. perjalanan, bercuti dan sewa jangka pendek, di Metrotown, Burnaby, $ 69 per hari!
Norwegian = EasyLodge, Vancouver hotell, fullt møblert, studio, bachelor, ett soverom. reise, ferie og korttidsleie, i Metrotown, Burnaby, $ 69 om dagen!
PersianEasyLodge ، هتل ونکوور ، به طور کامل مبله ، استودیو ، لیسانس ، یک آپارتمان یک خوابه. سفر ، تعطیلات و کوتاه مدت اجاره ، در Metrotown ، برنابی ، $ 69 روز!
Portuguese = EasyLodge, Vancouver hotel, totalmente mobiliado, solteiro, estúdio, apartamento de um quarto. viagens, férias e aluguer de curta duração, em Metrotown, Burnaby, 69 dólares por dia!
Russian= Ванкувер гостиница, полностью меблирована, студии, бакалавр, квартира с одной спальней. путешествия, отдых и краткосрочной аренды, в Метротаун, Барнаби, $ 69 в день!
Spanish = EasyLodge, hotel de Vancouver, totalmente amueblado, estudio, soltero, apartamento de un dormitorio. viajes, vacaciones y alquiler a corto plazo, en Metrotown, Burnaby, $ 69 por día!
Swedish = EasyLodge, Vancouver hotell, fullt möblerade, studio, ungkarl, ett sovrum. resor, semester och kortare vistelser i Metrotown, Burnaby, $ 69 a dag!
Thai = EasyLodge, โรงแรมแวนคูเวอร์ตกแต่งพร้อมสตูดิโอตรี,, หนึ่งห้องนอน เดินทาง, วันหยุดและให้เช่าระยะสั้นใน Metrotown, Burnaby, $ 69 ต่อวัน!
Ukrainian = Ванкувер готель, повністю мебльована, студії, бакалавр, квартира з однією спальнею. подорожі, відпочинок і короткострокової оренди, в Метротаун, Барнабі, $ 69 на день!
Vietnamese = EasyLodge, Vancouver khách sạn, đầy đủ nội thất, studio, cử nhân, một phòng ngủ của căn hộ. du lịch, nghỉ và cho thuê ngắn hạn, trong Metrotown, Burnaby, 69 $ một ngày!
EasyLodge [at]  
6O4 97O 2O0O
WHAT: Vancouver furnished apartment rental apartment hotel aparthotel apartelle motel condo hotel holiday cottage inn, temporary lodging accommodation
motel,inn,resort one bedroom apartment rent two bdrm,3 br,single rm,bachelor,studio queen room suite vacation lodging,hostel
WHY: short term rental long term rental monthly rental weekly rental package deal temporary business office commercial, sublets, travel,  
B&B bed & breakfast free back street parking luggage storage local phone high speed internet airport pickup, relocation booking, 
HOW: full size kitchen with big fridge,kitchenware stove,oven,microwave,coffee maker,toaster,tea pot,pots & pans,coin laundry,business center, 
WHO: american sikhism punjabi south asian southeast asian british French German Mexican Brazilian south African Australian New Zealander 
Spanish Italian Filipino Punjabi Indian Korean Japanese Chinese Thai Vietnamese  Pakistanis Malaysians Indonesians Russian Saudi Arab Israelis
Iranians Ukrainians Poles travellers visitors newcomers guest new immigrant international student single couple family parents businessman 
WHERE: metrotown burnaby central park bonsor metropolis at metrotown crystal mall joyce new westminster downtown richmond toronto, montreal
CLUB: seattle new york los angeles california houston detroit miami,florida las vegas, beijing hong kong tokyo melbourne london paris

 WHERE WE ARE       Canada West Hotel - Aparment     
Office: 3600 Crowley Dr. Vancouver, BC, V5R 6G1, Canada;  
Hotel: 6390 Cassie Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5H 2W5 Canada                                                                                           
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 Comfort Accommodation Canada - CAC 

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Monday price now: 1BA=119, 2BA=149